The first elimination show!  I was shaking the whole time watching it and I knew what was coming.  Well, maybe that's why I was shaking.  Episode 2 of Drafted aired last night and it was everything I thought it would be and more!  I already knew the outcome of course, but the way they edited it all together was great!

As for the judges decision - I couldn't be happier with what Greg Sansone decided.  If you missed it last night, the video is up now under VIDEOS.

It was such an awkward elimination for 8 of us, but more awkward for the 2 that were sent home.  Launy first told us about all this drama that was occurring after the teleprompter challenge.  We knew something was up, but he wouldn't divulge anything.  Speculation throughout the day kept leading us to the confidentiality agreement that we all signed, but no one knew for sure.

As soon as he fessed up on all the transactions that day, my first thought was - yup, he did it!  Launy is a great guy but I knew him for a week at this point and I got a sense that he would have a hard time hiding his excitement of being named Top 10.  He was at the NHL Awards in Vegas at the time with media surrounding him.  I wanted to shout from the rooftop when I got my phone call, so I'm sure he was the fact I heard his audio and he did scream!

I knew it was the end for Launy as soon as Greg Sansone brought it up in the elimination ceremony.  I wasn't shocked at all that he let him go, I probably would have done the same thing out of principle.  I have to say, the thought going through my mind was, "I'M NOT THE FIRST ONE GONE!".

When the judges announced there would be ANOTHER elimination, I was shocked!  You never hope someone fails, you just hope you did better.  I did my challenge before Kareem so I saw his full teleprompter read.  That's when I felt safe making it to the Top 9.  Now with Launy gone...Top 8!

So that for sure secures me in 3 episodes!  However Gregor said I have to make Top 3 if I want to keep my job with him because he's a jerk!

Still a long way to go...


09/23/2010 12:12pm

Lot of assumptions about Launy, for someone you barely know. Good job tossing him under the bus and sucking up to your potential bosses.

"I heard him scream when he found out he was going to be on a TV show....GUILTY!"

09/26/2010 4:57pm

Wow for someone getting into this type of work, I really wonder how your teammates will feel about you judging without evidence.

These types of comments from a nobody will ring through the halls of the somebodies.

The kid was eliminated by Sansone and now you attempt to humiliate him to bring up your high horse.

Shame on you Meg Morrison and I hope a defamation case is brought against you.


09/26/2010 5:10pm

Meg, I'm sure you are what Drafted wanted in the competition. I was with Launy the entire time in Vegas and feel sure if he was going to "tell" anyone I would have known about it. My first knowledge that he made the top 10 was when it hit the web site. If indeed Sansone had a "source" which is debatable, they either had a misunderstanding or flay out lied. Be careful, if they did it to Launy, they could do it to you too.

09/26/2010 6:34pm

You are a terrible person.

09/26/2010 6:44pm

How in the world can you immediately think, "As soon as he fessed up on all the transactions that day, my first thought was - yup, he did it!"?!?! As you said, "I knew him for a week at this point"; so that tells me, you clearly do not know Launy!

With the above said, how can you also make accusations or believe in Mr. Sansone's accusations, with out any proof! Where you at the NHL Awards? If not (and seeing as how Mr. Sansone did not produce proof for all to hear), then you should not be commenting on what Launy did or did not say or do.

Launy is the most honest, respectful and loyal people I know. He would never break confidentiality; nor would he make empty accusations about anyone!

What does it matter if Launy was seen all excited about an unspecific opportunity, while at the, NHL Awards? His excitement could have been about anything, getting a spot in a commercial, an invite to do a radio show, getting a call from his favorite hockey celeb’s spokesman inviting him to interview that hockey celeb, and so on and so forth! Non verbal or non specific statements are not considered breaking confidentiality! Why? Because it could be just about anything under the sun!

I agree with Buddy Oaks; pay close attention to his last sentence.

Launy, always gives people the benefit of doubt, and finds the good in everyone. He has taken the high road with class, and his head held high. It's too bad that others can not do the same! One day Launy will get his big break; one that he deserves, with all of his honesty,class, and integrity!

BTW, your Statement of, "However Gregor said I have to make Top 3 if I want to keep my job with him because he's a jerk!", sounds "questionable" too me! Does this mean, you did indeed make the top 3?

09/26/2010 7:24pm

So if you held in your exuberance and excitement, why is it he is not capable of the same thing. No evidence ? Wow, how easy it must be for you to sleep at night knowing the case presented (in shadows) worked out in your favour somehow. Pathetic and spineless. Enjoy the couch...

09/27/2010 2:23am

Of course you couldn't be happier. The best contestant was wrongly taken out of the competition, making your chances easier.

09/27/2010 5:47am


All I have to say is, WOW!!!!! You're no different than any other 'journalist' out there. Simply cut and paste.
SHOW ME THE EVIDENCE!!!! Speculation is all it is. I'd say your actions seriously undercut your credibility as a journalist.

Sarah Gibbons
09/27/2010 6:07am

Wow! Am I the only person writing on here that doesn't know Lonny or his Crazy Wife?

Meg- Don't let a bunch of bitter people bring you down. I watched the show and felt the same way about Lonny. Something about him came across cheesy and untrustworthy even before his meeting with Sansone.

What everyone needs to understand is this was being treated as a Job interview and in a job interview if the employer feels they cant trust you or they just plain don't like you guess what? You won't be getting hired.

Lonny Fan Club (aka. Friends and Family) How about taking the positives from all of this, he made the final 10 in a Nation Wide Job Search! All you people are doing is ruining this man's chances from getting hired by any television Network, look at all the hatred and sour remarks everyones making. No company would want to touch this guy.

Keep up the good work on the Show Meg! My Husband and I already have you as our Favorite! Ottawa Loves you!

09/27/2010 6:31am

Meg, please ignore the bitter and resentful comments from Schwartz's family and friends.

Decisions are routinely made about people we barely know, especially when looking to hire new staff.

I've had talented candidates show up in my office for job interviews but the second any doubt enters my mind, there are thanked for their time and shown the door.

Launy Schwartz is no different. His talents are more suited to narrow-casting than broadcasting. If people don't stop jumping on anyone who has a negative thing to post about Schwartz, his dream will be a fading nightmare.

Good luck, Meg!

09/27/2010 6:47am

After reading all of this and the subsequent blogs and replies by the "Schwartz" camp, I'm glad this guy and his cheesy douchebag hat are eliminated. Yeah he's got some acting skills, but anyone who watched last nights show would come to the same conclusion that this was not everything it seems.

"The lady doth protest too much. methinks" pretty much sums it up.

09/27/2010 6:54am

@ Sarah

You also clearly do not know Launy (you can't even spell his name right)! What you said, "Meg- Don't let a bunch of bitter people bring you down. I watched the show and felt the same way about Lonny. Something about him came across cheesy and untrustworthy even before his meeting with Sansone.", is the negative magic of television (especially reality TV). This show was purposefully edited to show Launy appear guilty.

Your statement of, "What everyone needs to understand is this was being treated as a Job interview and in a job interview if the employer feels they cant trust you or they just plain don't like you guess what? You won't be getting hired.". That is correct (even during the three month probationary period. What is not correct is the average job interview is not edited, and aired on national TV.

When you say, "Lonny Fan Club (aka. Friends and Family) How about taking the positives from all of this, he made the final 10 in a Nation Wide Job Search! All you people are doing is ruining this man's chances from getting hired by any television Network, look at all the hatred and sour remarks everyone's making. No company would want to touch this guy.", unfortuately you may be right; BUT, it is not Launy's family and friends that have caused potenial employers to look the other way; it is, Mr. Sansone, Drafted 2,and The Score, that created doubt from a potenial employer/TV Network regarding Launy's character!

Launy's family and friends are simply trying to let the real truth behind the show be known, as well as Launy's true character (honest, loyal, forgiving, aproachable with class, ect.). Sure we may sound a bit negative, but it is only directed towards the people who refuse to do the right thing, and those that will rub in all of those inacurasies on a public level (e.g- a blog such as this)!

09/27/2010 7:26am

Glad to know the terrible person has the support of equally terrible people. Birds of a feather definitely squawk together.

09/27/2010 7:28am

You don't think his "friends and family" have caused other employers to look the other way? Are you kidding?

Who would want to hire him now or worse bring him in for an interview and not hire him if he and his supports act this way upon rejection? Why would someone bring him in if this is how his camp acts should they not hire or even hire and then have to fire him?

Launy should have hired a professional to do his PR and not left it to his friends and family - they're only making it worse.

Congrats Meg on making it to the final 8!!

Marc Michaels
09/27/2010 7:38am

Don't worry about his family, they are probably liars too, and do drugs, and shoplift. Now that's Slander!!!

09/27/2010 8:15am

1-If that Schwartz guy woulda stopped actually crying and just manned up and admitted he talked in Vegas he would still be on the show - 2 - I think Sansone should sue the Schwartz family for calling him a liar.

09/27/2010 8:23am

Meg should at least thank Launy supporters, she's actually getting some comments on her website.

Meg is attacking Launy's character. If she can't take the heat, then she should have kept her mouth shut. She didn’t have to say anything, but she chose to.

09/27/2010 8:30am

"Optimally, one isn't stabbed or shot. Optimally, one eats some cake! But there are times when cake is not available, and instead we are destroyed. This is the deep poetry of the universe. " - Tycho

Or in this case, there are times when we do not win our dream job on a reality show and instead cry on national TV.

Either way - Meg had nothing to do with the decision that was made to eliminate him, which is what the knuckle-draggers are actually mad at isn't it?

The competition isn't for 2 or 3 jobs, it's for ONE. If someone is eliminated from the running, that is generally regarded as a good thing for other competitors and they SHOULD be happy.

09/27/2010 8:45am

1. So all of the support Launy is receiving is coming from friends and family? If he has that many friends, that in itself proves he's a good person. It is clear that is not just friends and family. For one, I don't even know him.

2. Dahlia never said you are the reason Launy got kicked off the show. Once more we see how you make assumptions, probably because you're not swift enough to understand. She just said you bathed in that situation like a pig in __it.

3. I agree with Ilona.

Blake From The Bridge
09/27/2010 9:01am

Congrats on making the 'Great 8'! As for you comments, thanks for giving us viewers an insight on what it's been like in this competition. And I commend you for staying true to the confidentiality agreement that was put in place. I imagine it is hard to keep emotions in check, but if your possible boss and employer tells you to do something, it would be wise to follow suit. Too bad for Launy...couldn't follow a simple task, probably wouldn't make it. Keep it going girl. We're all behind you down here in the South.

Meg Morrison
09/27/2010 9:04am

@ Ash

You're missing the point, Ash. You see it is my fault he was eliminated. It's my fault, it's Sansone's fault, its the other 8 contestants fault, it's Cabbie, Renee, Sid, Paul.......

Until the one person whose fault it is steps up and takes responsibility for screwing up so's all our fault!

The "woe is me" act is really old!

09/27/2010 9:19am

As far as I can tell it is a fact Launy told some media guy in Vegas and broke is confidentiality agreement, this got back to Sansone and he eliminated Launy because of it. Why be mad at Meg?

09/27/2010 9:35am

What is not in question here is who is to blame for getting the Schwartz kicked off Drafted. We don't know who it was, and until someone comes out and says "hey, I called Sansone", no one is naming any names, thus, yes, you are making assumptions.

Now, what IS under the magnifying glass is your ineptitude at keeping things professional. Instead of acting like the aspiring broadcaster you claim to be, it seems you haven't even stepped out of junior high yet.

That said, your catty behavior only strengthens the fact that the Schwartz has the upper hand.

Go Meg!
09/27/2010 9:42am

Meg, you did amazing in the first challenge. You can tell there is something exciting about you and that's what people want to watch on TV!

Ignore stupid comments! You hand nothing to do with Launy being sent home. He did that all to himself. Of course no one wants to do anything to loose the chances of being Drafted, and what Launy did was probably a big accident! But what can you do? What's done is done and now he is out of the competition.

Of course it would be difficult to contain your excitement getting a phone call like that. But WHY would anyone one EVER want to risk the chances of blowing it?

I feel bad for Launy because he lost a chance for his dream job over something stupid... But 8 other people have a chance to win theirs...!!!

Good job Meg!!!!!!!! I hope you win this thing!!!

Ps.. you are sexy

09/27/2010 9:58am

@ Meg

In my opinion, it is not your fault that Launy got eliminated on so called poor character, and is the victim of, unaccountable drama for reality TV. How ever, you are at fault for, "driving him under a bus" and agreeing with empty accusations in a public way.

I agree with your statement of, "Until the one person whose fault it is steps up and takes responsibility for screwing up so's all our fault!". Yes, someone (e.g- Mr. Sansone)does need to step up to the plate and take responsibility with an apology, in a official statement on and/or edited into a future airing of, Drafted 2! I am not in agreement with your last sentence ("'s all our fault!") in this statement however (refer to my first paragraph).

09/27/2010 10:01am

Talk about "woe is me". Are you putting up this whole "Launy blamed me!" act to get people to kiss your ass?

09/27/2010 10:57am


Great of you to step in again. Launy never blamed anyone but Sansone. Why would he take responsibly for something he did not do? He has nothing but respect for the others on the show. Well, except you. You chose to kiss Sansone's butt and throw your morals out the window.

Sansone is a liar and did what he did for controversy. That’s realtiy TV for you. No one would have attacked you if you didn't kiss up to the judge and throw Launy under the bus for no reason. What’s next? You’ll have Sansone on your radio show?

09/27/2010 11:23am

Greg - for the record, Sansone was on Meg's radio show the day after the elimination of the Schwartz episode was aired.

09/27/2010 11:32am


I am missing the point? Please then, enlighten me. Show me in print or audio or video where Launy blamed you and the other contestants you say he blamed. Please. Back up your word. Don't just say it. Show it.

I will say, I have seen his wife's blog (where she doesn't blame you for getting him off the show - or any of the other contestants) and I have seen his colleagues from the media support his word.

Launy has never blamed anyone.

And to all those who think he or his wife did, read her letter.

09/27/2010 11:46am

I know he was on the radio show. That appears to be a conflict of interest to me, but what do i know.

Ash, Meg doesn't have proof. She just says thing without having anything to back them up. She's learning well from Sansone.

09/27/2010 12:20pm

Yet another idiotic tweet: Check out the fall-out from the last episode of Drafted. Somehow I'm the bad guy, I just agree with the judges!


christrian stone
09/27/2010 1:46pm

Oh you're just an all around great gal arenchu Meg!!! Now I would say ur a terrible person but that might be kinda Meg, you're a lousy human being! There, I changed the wording for ya...hope you know how nice that was of me especially compared to what id really like to say to you.

09/27/2010 3:44pm

Hey Launy fans! Sansone has proof that Launy talked in Vegas because the media guy Launy spilled the beans to contacted Sansone about it. Maybe it was an accident but Launy tried to cover it up and made himself look bad. Meg is just commenting on this one instance not Launy as a person.

09/27/2010 3:53pm

@ Olifan

Until Sansone shows any proof it is just hearsay. So far, all parties involved in the whole spilling the beans thing deny it ever happened. This includes the media who were there. So if everyone involved says it never happened, and there is no proof shown, I can't believe it ever happened.

And Meg, should really stop saying things like Launy is blaming all the contestants and the judges for this. I haven't seen anywhere where he or his wife have done so. She's making herself look bad.

09/27/2010 4:00pm

Seem like an elaborate scheme for the score to do just to eliminate one guy.

09/27/2010 4:20pm

I think everyone is overreacting and pointing fingers. If they truly wanted to keep Launy around, they would have...period!
Clearly there was a reason they let him go, if was because they thought he said something in Vegas or not...they decided he wasn't going to be the "one". Why does everyone feel it's neccessary to pick on Meg? She didn't say or do anything wrong, she had absolutely nothing to do with him being let go from the show! I find it ridiculous that people are actually trying to point fingers at her, when she clearly has no say in what happens. Grow up people, let Launy fight his own fights....he's a big boy!!

09/27/2010 4:27pm

Nice work Meg! Watched the episode and you did an excellent job. Too bad people on here are forgetting that rules are made for a reason..I'm sure the people at the score wouldn't make a decision based on hearsay.

09/27/2010 4:28pm

I think it's time for Launy to speak up, and the rest of his bandwagon to shut the hell up!!!
Hope you feel good about yourselves for picking on a girl in her 20's, who was asked a question point blank and answered honestly.
Good job're real role models

09/27/2010 4:33pm

Not here too. I've been following all this stuff on drafted around Schwartz and have to say this is nuts.

Michelle - As I type this, your comment stares me in the face, "if was because they thought he said something in Vegas or not... they decided he wasn't going to be the one"... You just made the score look even worse. And then you say that Launy should fight his own fights? Actually, he is doing a smart PR move by not fighting it. Meg on the other hand picked on Launy. She made assumptions about Launy. And she said them in a public forum. That invites public criticism. And why defend her? Let her fight her own fights... she's a big girl.

I wonder how many people who comment here have read his wife's blog. She makes some valid points. She was fair enough to give a link to Meg's blog so people can read her point of view. If Meg wants people to check out all the "fall-out" she should be fair enough to show it all. Including Dahlia's blog.

09/27/2010 4:40pm

Oilgurl - Just saw your comment after I submitted mine. He did speak up in the proper PR way.

Here's Launy's statement

And if Schwartz has a "bandwagon" defending him, that just goes to show a lot of people believe in the guy. Not that many have people have that much friends and family. They have a right to defend him. The same way you have a right to defend Meg.

09/27/2010 4:44pm

I'm in love with internet fights, I really am. It's getting so much accomplished in everyone's favor. Everyone put on a bikini and jump in the Cyber Jello Ring. (although at this point is seems that Camp Launy Vs. Sensible Thought is going to be a blood bath. Good thing it's set to have a stellar commentator. (FYI I haven't seen any of the show) There you go Camp Launy, a nice little lob for you to take a piñata swing at.

Much love for all the haters... of irony.

09/27/2010 4:47pm

Does Launy have a blog? Dear sweet gawd this could be fun... If only I didn't have a social life to attend to, I would rip all you grammatically challenged A-holes a new one of yourselves.

Meg Morrison
09/27/2010 7:05pm

Wow, I have to say - when LaunyNation stands behind something they sure follow through with it. Guess what? I'm not the bad guy here. I agreed with the judges decision, and I still agree with it. If I were hiring someone and something like this came into question - that would be it for that person.

Listen to the audio all you want, the only question I asked was if he would have indeed given him a second chance if he fessed up. I stayed out of the interview for that particular reason. In fact go to for the full interview - I'm the one who posted it there. The reason for Sansone coming on our show was to recap the show, it wasn't about Launy and that's what I told him when I responded to his request to be on the show. Sansone will be on many more times before the finale airs to recap episodes. Launy just happened to be the main focus of this episode.

You have one side of the story sorted out, here's the other side...8 contestants remained and we received more details than were aired on tv. I'm not going to go into those because I don't want to breach confidentiality - I'm not sure what I can say and what I can't say at this point. And let's face it, I'm cautious about that aspect of the show. All I know is that if not all of us, most of us felt he lied. I only say most because I can't think of anyone who didn't agree, but I don't want to speak for them. Sure, tv is edited for time. But believe me, it was not edited for content. If anything, it made the situation look better than what it actually was.

So sure, reply with all the comments saying there's no facts, but we did receive facts and that's why I'm 100% comfortable in saying that I truly believe he is still lying to all of us. As far as the Score not revealing which media person it came from...are you kidding?!? Why would they say that person's name on national television? Launy of all people should know that in journalism you protect your source. The source was obviously reliable enough because Sansone is not a stupid man. At the end of the day, he couldn't trust Launy, and neither could we.

I'm sorry your friend got hurt here, but he hurt himself, and almost hurt all of us in the process. We all had to sign that piece of paper, we all knew the consequences of breaching that contract. It is a raw deal to go out that way, but he put himself in that position.

I still think Launy is a good guy and would have probably done well on the show, but LaunyNation isn't doing him any favours.

08/02/2012 10:06pm

Good post. Personal Blogrsonal Site be taught something tougher on different blogs everyday. I've bookmarked this page and have a feeling I'll be returning to it usually.

09/27/2010 7:26pm

@ Meg

What makes you think that all of us are Launy's friends? Is it because the only people to your defense are your friends?

I am a journalist. My editor won't accept stories from me unless I name the source. Actually, that is how all credible papers and media operate.

An unnamed source versus many Vegas media coming forth that disagree with the unnamed source. Are you saying that the media is lying?Everybody knows everybody in this business, but nobody heard Schwartz say anything. My colleague was there, and he never heard anything either.

I heard the audio from your station's interview with Sansone and thought you sounded very harsh when speaking about Launy. I thought you said you stayed out of that interview. Your story is not piecing together well.

I'd also be weary of saying in one breath that most of the contestants agreed Launy lied, and then saying that you don't want to speak for them. It sounds like you are speaking out of both sides of your mouth, and for that I can't trust you.

09/27/2010 11:35pm

Obviously Launy didn't tell all media in Las Vegas he just talk to the wrong one. One that knew the vp of the score. Sorry dude you are busted on that one.

09/27/2010 11:44pm

Btw Ash who do you write for. Meg is an up and coming sportscaster on a major market radio station. You are an annoymous blogger making up lame excuses for a guy who got caught breaching his contract.

Blake from the Bridge
09/28/2010 5:11am

I find it very interesting that Meg is defending herself against all of you people, yet Launy is nowhere to be heard. Instead his family and co. are in here, waisting blog space and all of our time, all the while doing a terrible job of defending him and making the issue way worse than it was...Good luck Meg. Ilona, clean it up.

08/02/2012 10:08pm

Personal Blogrsonal Site’d want to use some with the content material on my blog whether or not you don’t mind. I learn something more challenging on different blogs everyday.

09/28/2010 5:41am

Meg, I commend you for posting on the board and responding to the posters. You made it to the top 10, which is no easy feat for anyone. There are a few things I would like to point out:

There seems to be a conflict of interest with Sansone being on your show. He is a judge and you are a contestant. If he really wants to get the word out, I’m sure he could find another radio station that one of his contestants isn't on. On your show, he said it himself that a polarized audience is the optimum result and he got that. He did that at Launy’s expense and reputation. Launy was just a pawn in Sansone’s reality show for ratings. Unfortunately all these posts are really just feeding into this, but Launy’s fans (not simply friends and family) are trying to spread the word of his true character, that he built for years, not one that was destroyed in 40 minutes for mediocre ratings. Sansone has the luxury of going on TV and radio to spread his story without Launy having the opportunity to rebut. Sansone is a ‘big-shot’ and Launy is not, therefore Launy is the liar?

I also find it hypocritical that Sansone wants to maintain some sort of confidentiality, yet comments how amazing you are throughout the show. That and the point that you made that he will continue to be on the show might allude to the fact that you made it far on the show. Would he continue to be on your show ‘many more times’ if you were kicked off tonight? I think that is more revealing than if Launy said ‘he was going to get a chance to be in an industry he loved’.

You feel that Launy lied and you claim the other contestants do as well, that doesn't surprise me that in a competition you would want one of the strongest competitors out, at any cost. Just because Sansone makes a claim that doesn't mean it’s the word of god. Reporters and sources have gotten things wrong in the past, look at the recent Pat Burns story. Look at Dan Rather and his Killian report. I’m sure Dan Rather said his source was reliable and I wouldn’t claim Rather to be a stupid man...turns out. If you are you going to tear down someone’s reputation on national television, at least provide some evidence, not just hearsay.

I hate to break it to you, but TV is edited for both time and content. If content was not edited, that would make for boring television. In reality TV, you are trying to craft a story out of hours upon hours of footage and a story was definitely created.

No Names
09/28/2010 5:52am

"I also find it hypocritical that Sansone wants to maintain some sort of confidentiality, yet comments how amazing you are throughout the show. That and the point that you made that he will continue to be on the show might allude to the fact that you made it far on the show. Would he continue to be on your show ‘many more times’ if you were kicked off tonight? I think that is more revealing than if Launy said ‘he was going to get a chance to be in an industry he loved’."

Thanks Greg_S. Food for thought indeed.

09/28/2010 5:56am

Blake... Launy made his statement and doesn't have to say anymore. If he "defended" himself further, all of you would just continue to lash into him. He doesn't need you to believe him.

Oilfan... "Obviously Launy didn't tell all the media in Vegas he just told the wrong one." I thought Sansone said he told a "group" of media. Different groups of media have come forward to say he never spoke. So Schwartz just happened to pick one guy to talk you from all the media there? Weak attempt at a justification.

09/28/2010 6:00am

Is it just me or do some people (i.e. Ilona) need to get a life and worry about more important things in the world. Looks like someone needs to relieve some pent up anger?! Pretty sure Meg didn't get Launy kicked off, so lets move on. This is a competition with some great competitors. From what I have seen of the show, Launy was not a top contender. I'm sure with some passing of time, he will get his turn at a top notch position. That is if an employer isn't afraid of his ragging wife?!? Calm the f*%# down people and go feed a homeless person. Like I said....more important things in the world than this. On a side note, Megs is pretty hot. I could stand looking at her!!

09/28/2010 6:39am

Launy was talking around a group of media but they were probably trying to ignore him. At least one person heard poor Launy. So the upside is not everyone ignores him.

09/28/2010 6:45am

Btw there were thousands of media in vegas and even Launy could not have talked to them all. Also if you get statements from every media person in vegas that Launy didnt flap his gums then i might believe him.

Blake from the Bridge
09/28/2010 7:42am

Sam, I would like to read what Launy has to say on this blog. That's what I was refering to. I doubt that will happen, but it would be nice to see what he has to say on the matter on this blog...Does he feel Meg threw him under the bus, or does he think it was it just an opinion that all of us couuld agree on? He seems like a smart individual, and his reply would probably make more sense than the crap that is being put forth by his corner...

09/28/2010 7:43am

Wow, who woulda thought a reality show on the freakin Score would generate this much controversy?

To Launy's posse, where did Meg 'throw him under the bus' (leaving aside the fact that it's a competition and bus-throwing-under is kinda the point)? Looking at her post, she first says there was "specualtion" and "no one knew for sure". Then she says she "got a sense that he would have a hard time hiding his excitement", and that she heard him scream. THESE are the statements that are killing your Launy-erections? Really?

Unless you're all upset at her first response, where she says it's everyone's fault but Launy's (some of you took this as her accusing Launy of blaming her?). I'm not sure, and by that I mean I'm 100% sure, but that was sarcasm. Totally understandable that some of you missed that, since the reading comprehension is weak in this bunch.

On top of all this, a particularly dense group of you seem to be stopping just short of flat-out accusing Sansone of making this entire thing up. I'm not saying he definitely didn't (to be honest, he kinda gives me the creeps), but that's a far greater claim than anything Meg has said, and would require a lot of this 'evidence' you keep asking for.

You all want some ACTUAL Launy slander to get your panties in a bunch about (and stretch his 15 mins of fame to 17.5)? How about this: Launy is a stupid name and I heard he sleeps with a blow up doll with a picture of Darren Dutchyshen's face on it.

Oh, and he totally broke the contract. I was the Vegas reporter.

Meg for Mayor of Earth!

09/28/2010 8:18am

Mr TurdBurgler or can I call you turd? It’s amusing that someone mocks the intelligence of others, yet come across as a turd themselves, if you will.

If you read Meg’s original blog, she clearly says:

1 - As for the judges decision - I couldn't be happier with what Greg Sansone decided.

2 - As soon as he fessed up on all the transactions that day, my first thought was - yup, he did it! Launy is a great guy but I knew him for a week at this point and I got a sense that he would have a hard time hiding his excitement of being named Top 10.

If Meg is upset at the response she is getting, then she should have never written that.

By the way, it’s a blow up doll with John Lu’s picture.

09/28/2010 8:54am

@ Greg_S

First off, I haven't got the impression that Meg is very upset about any of this.

Second, how is agreeing with the judges' decision and (as I mentioned/you repeated...for some reason), knowing he'd be excited reason for everyone's freak out?

She said she agreed with the decision of not hiring someone who's ability to STFU is questionable, and that the impression she got from said someone is that he's the kind who has trouble STFU. How scandalous.

09/28/2010 9:08am


Hey Meg! Looks like you got some major exposure from all this! Well done!

Go Meg Go!!!!!!!

09/28/2010 9:12am

@ Turdarooni

Ummm….re-read the first part of my second point. “Yup, he did it!”

Also, she couldn’t be happier with what Greg Sansone decided? Couldn’t be happier? That’s a bit more than just agreeing with the Judge.

She is basically saying that she knew Launy lied and she couldn’t be happier that he was kicked off. Unless she personally heard Launy in Vegas, she shouldn’t be so quick to throw him under the bus and kiss the judges asses.

That is just showing her true character.

09/28/2010 9:31am


Uh, of course she is happy he's gone. Are you aware this is a competition? A competition is a contest between individuals. She didn't go on the show to be all buddy-buddy with people. She wants to win this thing. Launy gone means one less person to beat to win.

She didn't throw him under any bus! You people must not have anything better to do. How sad.

Thank you for your support Greg_S.


09/28/2010 10:02am

“Yup, he did it!” Wow - out of context much? As she said/you quoted the first time, her "first THOUGHT" was that he did it. As in, dude she got to know for a week gave her the impression as someone who very well could have done the thing he was being accused of doing (accused by the boss, not her - that's kind of important here).

And yeah, as Steffy mentioned, Meg was happy he was gone because it meant she stayed. If she didn't have that mentality, she wouldn't be able to compete (or even speak properly, which still would have over-qualified her to post on a thread like this).

She also said she "never hope(s) someone fails, you just hope you did better." But I suppose there's not much reason to read her entire post if you just wanna blindly defend some loser on a reality show.

Insert Immature Name Here
09/28/2010 10:30am

Let me break it down for you:

1) There's no proof against Launy other than a phone call from some anonymous tip-off. If Meg or anyone else "knows who it was", that would only make stronger the belief that this was a set-up. At this point, no one is blaming anybody in particular. People need to stop assuming.

2)The only reason any one of you believe against him is because you saw it on TV. Anyone in their right mind knows how manipulative television can be. Don't believe everything you see on it.

3)The only reason Meg believes Greg Sansone is because she wants the job. She's obviously not going to jeopardize her shot at a career for the sake of her own morals and good judgement.

I think that about sums it up.

09/28/2010 11:39am

The reason Meg believes Greg Sansone is because he is The VP of the score and he picked Launy to be in the top 10 and why would cook up this story just to kick him off. That about sums it up.

poopy mcturd
09/28/2010 11:49am

@Insert Immature Name Here

1) Who is saying they "know who it was"?

2) People believe he did it because the boss of the network is saying he did it. No TV magic there. You either believe him (Sansone) or you don't, but not believing him implies strongly that you think he made the entire thing up and shot down someone's potential career for no other reason than ratings. I admit stranger things have happened, but that's a pretty horrible thing to do, and as far as I know, not something Sansone is known for.

3) You have no idea why Meg believes anything. All anyone can go on is what she posted. MAYBE she is sucking up. Or maybe she met the guy for a week (which is a fact I think we can all agree on?)and when news of his possible loose lips came up, it fit with the impression he left on her (you know, like how she claimed).

Nice break down though. My favourite part was the numbers.

Making up names is pointless
09/29/2010 9:42am

Guys don't be surprised Launy is gone from the show. For anyone who has met him, or spent more than 10 minutes with him, you'll understand why. Let's just say his personality is an acquired taste - and that's being nice. You might think he's a nice guy for about 2 minutes, but after you listen to him talk for awhile (and Meg will probably agree - this guy loves to talk himself up) you really get sick of him. And if your personality isn't the same as his, you really feel like punching him. He really polarizes people that way - you either love him because you're crazy or super outgoing or you hate him and want to put as much distance between him and you as possible after washing then hand you shook his with about 5 times.

Maybe he rubbed Sansone the same way and he simply REALLY wanted him off the show when thinking of a future of working with him every day. When I found out he was kicked off the show for breaching his confidentiality agreement, I wasn't surprised in the least. Sure he claims (emphasis on claims) to have not told a soul, but in Vegas after a few drinks I'm surprised he wasn't running Will Ferrell style through the Casino celebrating.

Just my opinion. I hated seeing him crying on TV as anyone can see his passion for the job, but then I thought back to a hockey game he was at once where he was totally trashing the poor public address guy and I thought that karma really came around to bite him in the ass.

Alex Foster
09/30/2010 8:04am

I actually thought he was right to trash the public address guy.

10/04/2010 5:43pm

Why are you all so obsessive?? And Ilona, go back to your bird cage.

10/05/2010 7:32pm

After watching tonight's episode, Launy's wife's blog about Meg makes total sense.

10/08/2010 6:41am

A little advice for Meg if this situation ever crops up again...
don't offer your opinion! Just keep it to yourself, make the sympathetic face towards your fallen competitor and just say, "wow! That's really too bad! I feel bad for Launy!" Celebrating his demise with comments like, "I have to say, the thought going through my mind was, "I'M NOT THE FIRST ONE GONE!" does not make you look good! Of course all the finalists were thinking it, but you were the only competitor that said it! After all, lets be honest, the other competitors breathed a sigh of relief as this was launy's competition to lose!

04/19/2011 4:13pm

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